Authentic Ramen - Downtown (Montreal)

Authentic Ramen - Downtown (Montreal)

Who are we?

Tsukuyomi Ramen
1242, rue Bishop
(514) 393-1242
Located in the heart of Downtown, Tsukuyomi offers a ramen, unctuous and delicious ready and served in a minute. The focused menu makes the choice simple and fast: a Tonkontsu broth and a Vegan option, topped with a selection of original condiment and our daily fresh noodles, homemade and respecting the Japanese noodle baking tradition. For the uninitiated, the house offers a selection of unique compositions and a few sides to complete your meal. Stop by Tsukuyomi, we'll be happy to welcome you and serve you the best, authentic ramen in the neighborhood!


Mon 5pm-9:30pm
Tue 5pm-9:30pm
Wed 5pm-9:30pm
Thu 5pm-9:30pm
Fri 5pm-9:30pm
Sat 5pm-9:30pm
Sun Closed


Ramen - Japanese - Asian - Vegan

Our Specialties

Soups & Noodles.


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    ❝ Delicious food! One of the best ramen I've ever had. ❞

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Tsukuyomi Ramen
1242, rue Bishop
Montreal, QC, H3G 2E3
Métro: Guy-Concordia Guy-Concordia
(514) 393-1242
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(514) 393-1242
Mon: 5pm-9:30pm
Tue: 5pm-9:30pm
Wed: 5pm-9:30pm
Thu: 5pm-9:30pm
Fri: 5pm-9:30pm
Sat: 5pm-9:30pm
Sun: Closed